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Welcome to the Glaser Forensic Group

The Glaser Forensic Group (GFG) is a leading provider of forensic psychiatric and psychological services in  California. With more than 30 offices in the area, we are dedicated to providing the medical-legal community with the highest quality unbiased reporting, evaluations and expert witness testimony.

For decades, the highly experienced clinicians and examiners at GFG have resolved disputes in all matters of Workers’ Compensation, Disability, Civil Litigation and the Criminal Justice systems, among others.

At GFG, our team is known for its broad knowledge and dual expertise in matters of medicine and law. Lawyers, insurance companies, medical professionals, large and small businesses and individuals come to us for our accurate, thorough, and timely medical-legal services. We approach each case, no matter the size, with the utmost integrity and dedication to detail, as well as the promise of providing clear, easy-to-understand reports.

Glaser Forensic Group is synonymous with The Key to Successful Outcomes.

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